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Training Mask 2.0

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Training Mask Sleeves

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Training Mask 2.0

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Holds Firmly in Place

Ear straps hold the Training Mask 2.0 firmly in place during your most intense workouts.

3 Sizes Available

Available in Small, Medium, and Large to fit any body type and create a comfortable fit.

Neoprene Skin

Durable, washable, neoprene conforms to your face to create an air-tight seal. Various colors and styles available.

Air Resistance Valves

Strengthen your diaphragm by adjusting Training Mask 2.0‘s resistance valves to simulate different altitudes. 12,000 feet too intense? Start at 3,000 feet and work your way up.

Training Mask 2.0 Valves

Training Mask 2.0 Valves

Variable Resistance Caps

Training Mask’s resistance caps allow you to increase resistance as you build your stamina and strength.

Turn on the Intensity

Snap-on snap-off caps allow you to adjust the resistance on the go. Pump new life into old routines and make fatigue and training plateaus a thing of the past.

Adjustable Flux Valve System

Quickly increase resistance by shutting off air inlets to simulate high altitude training situations.

From 3,000 Ft to 18,000 Ft

Each Training Mask 2.0 includes 7 resistance caps and 3 flux valves allowing you to increase your altitude as you increase your lung capacity and oxygen efficiency.