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Training Mask 1.0

102461 - TM1 VERSION 1.0
2.20 LBS
Ships Immediately


Training Mask 1.0 is a totally different Training Mask than 2.0. Giving you more surface area to breathe against many users have reported that 1.0 is harder and more intense training device. Age requirement 16+


Training Mask 1.0 full coverage resistance training device helps with the following:

  • -Conditions the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance
  • -Strengthens the diaphragm
  • -Increases surface area and elasticity in alveoli
  • -Increases lung capacity
  • -Increase anaerobic thresholds
  • -Decrease workout time
  • -Includes three nose pieces for three levels of intensity: 1x, 3x and 9x restricted breathing

Customer Reviews & Ratings

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  1. 19th Jun 2012

    the mask is good only thing is its a death trap

    i have a mask and do mma.
    the only bad pont on the mask is it seams up witch i think is a very dangers
    i understand the theary on the mask and have no question weather it works
    just think its a bad flow if you cant see where you running

  2. 19th Jun 2012


    Love it!

  3. 19th Jun 2012

    MMA Training

    This mask will push your lungs to the limit and leave you gasping for what you desire. Its the real deal.

  4. 19th Jun 2012

    A Sure Enough Ass Kicker

    I liked my soo much I had to have more than one just in case something happened to my first one. I may not train everyday but I walk or take a hike everyday and I always have mt mask with me. I train BJJ and cardio is num. 2 to tecnique and when you train BJJ there are alot of folks with some serious cardio. So to keep up I never leave home without my E3 Training Mask.

  5. 19th Jun 2012

    Professional Athlete - 10/10

    Been a serious athlete and fitness buff since the tender age of 9 and believe in pushing ones limits each and every day. As a professional boxer I'm always looking to further improve cardio & conditioning and this mask is a great addition to the regime and overall fitness lifestyle. I'm looking forward to getting the 2.0 when its available.

  6. 19th Jun 2012

    Army shape upgraded

    I'm a Canadian forces member and I bought Training mask 1.0 8 months ago, I'm using it 2 to 3 times a week for an intense 30-40 min cardio traIning and I've seen a lot of improvement on my breathing, my cardio and my stamina! People are really freaking out at the gym seeing me with this even on a military base but who cares?! Results are there!!! HUA!

  7. 19th Jun 2012


    It is one of my best investments to date i cant express that enough, i does exactly what it is meant to do ni excuses. If i had any bad feedback about the product i would say that it is a little bit bulky and uncomfortable at times besides that the best for cardio.

  8. 19th Jun 2012

    Elevation Mask FTW

    The Elevation Training Mask helped my cardio a lot during my workouts, I also use when I'm not working out, I use to spend a hour or two on my Xbox, but now I wear my mask while I play and in 15 mins. tops I'm done.

    Fav. exercises w/TrainMask: #1 pullups #2 tire pull #3 running

  9. 19th Jun 2012

    Excellent training tool

    The Training mask does everything they say it will and more. What I love/hate the most is that when I first got it I would become clostraphobic(kind of like being in bottom position during a fight or rolling session) and rip it off when things got tough. Know I just keep pushing through whatever I am doing... No matter what I am doing these I push through and untill the time is up...Another thing I love is that the mask forces Deep Bellows breathing, witch has a vast number of health benefits...Thank you Training mask.

  10. 19th Jun 2012


    Ever since I started using it I didn't notice I was going longer on the stationary bikes and working out longer without it, what seems like forever with it on seems to short with it off, I'm on the red nose pice and am breasting with it, I train daily with it and let me tell you, this or V 2, it doesn't matter, either way you will become the guy that never gets gassed or tired, I love it and will order the 2.0 soon

  11. 19th Jun 2012


    been useing it all the time for my k1 kick boxing and mma training and have noticed a big difference in my cardio

  12. 19th Jun 2012

    Works your lungs great but there is room for improvement

    I am an amateur MMA fighter and I train 5 to 6 days a week with an average 13 hours of training in a week cycle. Here are my pro's and con's for the version 1 Training Mask since I have been using it for about a year now between 2 and 3 days a week.


    1 - It really works your lungs. In my option, when you first start to use the mask, make your workouts lite. This will help you to adapt and really focus you breathing technic. Once you have your technic, you will see a rapid growth in gains for your lung capacity. It's once of those products that really does deliver on what is was designed for.
    2 - Different altitude knobs. They really do change the dynamic of you workouts and they are easy to switch in and out of the mask.
    3 - The mask stays in place. If your doing any form of excersizes from Cross Fit, running, jumping rope or throwing sping hook kicks, the mask stays in place and there is no shifting bothering your line of sight.
    4 - It just looks cool. I was a little uncomfortable wearing it in the gym in front of large groups of people at first but once you get used to the attention, you just look beastly.

    1 - The back strapping system. This is my biggest issue (and even this along with the rest of my con's would not stop me from buying the Training Mask in a million years). The elastic straps adjustment device sometimes flips the strap around and you have to unhook the strap from the make which is annoying. Also, the elastic starts to loss it's elasticity making some straps longer than other straps. And if you are doing any type of headstand neck excersizes, you will get a nice purple strip bruise on your head which does not look cool when you have to go into work the next day.
    2 - It's pretty big. If I throw it into an average size backpack, the mask does take up a decent amount of space and I would really call it's size convenient.
    3 - Cleaning. The mask is made of rubber so it's not that bad but the lenses are hard to clean because I think they are plastic and there are a lot of nooks and crannies that you really need to get in there and clean to ensure you mask will not get funky.
    4 - The full face mask. I really don't like covering my entire face (It looks cool but it's overkill) and the lens system is not great. It does get foggy sometimes (Don't know if it's just a Florida thing) and if your doing up downs for an hour it's going to get wet in there. And God forbid you have to scratch your eyebrow because your not getting in there.

    Overall, this is a great product and I have already made my donation for the version 2 Training Mask and I cannot wait to get it. The Training Mask Company makes a great product and like I stated in my review, it's a must tool for any athlete's attempting to really improve your overall cardo and lung capacity.

  13. 19th Jun 2012

    This thing is so freakin serious!

    I got talked into it by a jujitsu buddy of mine. I am so happy that I bought it. My lung capacity has gotten over the top. I started off on a yellow piece doing 5 minute jump rope drills. Now I'm doing dinosaur pushes with an old ford explorer in the orange piece. All that is fine but now when I run or do judo, I don't get winded. I recently lost a judo match ( the fatso just fell over on me after 3 minutes). I walked away without breaking a sweat. The other guy about had a heart attack. I didn't get the gold but I saw my own physical improvement. I took on a guy more that 60 pounds more than me and he's the one who looked like he got whooped on. Thanks Trainingmask!

  14. 19th Jun 2012

    cardio booster

    I got one just under 12 months ago and i use it for my cardio training at home and when im not training taekwondo, and my cardio has improved, iv just moved on to stage 2 (orange) so will pop back on when i have used the 2nd stage abit more.
    but already using stage 1 its getting me results

  15. 18th Jun 2012

    game changer

    The mask made a difference. To keep it short and sweet, before I started using the mask I was running 10+ minute miles. Then I purchased the original training mask and three weeks later, I was running miles at about 7.5 minutes. I hit the gym 6 days a week but only did cardio every other day. My conditioning and lung capacity has changed dramatically. Thank you training mask.

  16. 18th Jun 2012

    Completed me as a soccer player

    As a Division 1 soccer player fitness is key. Using the Training Mask I cut all my conditioning times in half in less then two month and feel my game has evolved to the next level.

  17. 18th Jun 2012

    Army of One

    I do my own reviews before buying. All I can say is this product is living up to expectations. I have had the mask for 4 weeks. Although I only use the mask a few times a week and Not more than for 1 mile, I am seeing positive results already. Breathing is more under control and my endurance is getting even better than before. I couldn't ask for a better product.

  18. 18th Jun 2012

    Best Cardio Product Out There!

    Its a great product to help build up your endurance. Really gives your lungs a workout that you couldn't get any other way unless you ran up in the mountains. Its a great product if you looking to become an overall better athlete.

  19. 18th Jun 2012

    tha first is the best

    Works great makes ur mental focus stronger an stay on task. I use it everyday when I train I even use it at work when I get the chance too. The mask provides so much with controlling ur breathing an to making u not panic cuz of less oxygen. Best Gear I've ever bought its good for running,cardio jump rope,punching bag,weight lifting. This product will make ur lungs stronger an last longer in the cage or track mostly any sport, its very light weight to take with you where ever you go. I've seen a massive change in my workouts an training when using the elevation mask I don't get winded as fast as the other guys an now there ready for them. Don't stop making the 1.0 the 1.0 teaches you discipline because of the sweating an close up on your whole face makes you stronger just by keeping it on through your sessions

  20. 18th Jun 2012

    I needed this for my cardio conditioning

    I've been using the training mask for about 6 months, at least 3-4 times per week for 20 minutes per session. I usually do circuit training with the mask on and it has brought my cardio to levels I had never before imagined.

    My average training mask workout would look like this (all exercises are supersets with little/no rest inbetween):

    A1.) Kettlebell clean and jerk 36# x 8/arm
    a2.) Swiss ball mountain climber
    B1.) Front Loaded Kettlebell Lunges (2) 36# x 10/leg
    b2.) Dumbell Floor Press x 15 reps
    C1.) Kettlebell swing 53# x 25
    c2.) Wide Grip Pullups x 15+
    D1.) Single Leg Deadlift x 10/leg
    d2.) Underhand Inverted Rows x15+

    When performing submission grappling I have wayyyy more cardio then ever before. My natural energy levels shot through the roof.

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