2.0 PLUS TURN Flow Upgrade Kit

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It's time to TURN up your TrainingMask workouts by upgrading your TrainingMask 2.0 with the 2.0 Plus TURN Flow Upgrade Kit featuring patented Turn Flow resistance technology. The 2.0 Plus TURN Flow Upgrade Kit will take your 2.0 from 6 Resistance Levels to 6 TURN Flow Intensity Zones with 21 levels of on the fly adjustable air flow control.

No more changing caps on your 2.0 – the 2.0 Plus TURN Flow Upgrade Kit gives you access to all 21 settings of TURN Flow levels at the turn of a valve. 2.0 Plus is easy to install. Just remove the three valve assemblies from your current 2.0 and replace them with the new Turn Flow Valve system. The entire changeover only takes 1-2 minutes.