Audio Performance Earbuds

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Exceptional Wireless Performance: Power up your workout with your favorite music tracks in wireless crystal-clear clarity. The all new TrainingMask Audio True Wireless Performance ear buds feature state of the art wireless technology that allows you to be up to 82 feet from your device—No more phone falling out of your pocket while working out at home or getting your earbud wire tangled on the bar during your workset. Audio Wireless Ear Buds are ultra light and comfortable; they stay seated in your ears no matter how intense the workout with an intuitive-lightweight footprint. Battery life will not be an issue with 3 hours of charge time to get you through even the longest workouts. Stowing and charging your earbuds is also breeze with a compact and stylish latch case. Hard workouts are better with the music you love, enjoy both more with TrainingMask True Wireless Performance Ear Buds.
• R/L pair of performance ear buds that only weigh a mere 5 grams
• UltraSoft Eartips (3 sizes) for a gentle & comfortable seal
• Gloss chrome logo charging stow case 
• 82 feet of wireless range (25 meters)
• 3 hours of battery life   
• Supreme sound quality, lightweight, and durable