Fitness Model
Founder Of Lift Into Life



I am a fitness expert, Master Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Author, creator, and founder of Jenna Douros - Lift into Life & Become JDFit, athlete, model, YouTuber and fitness fanatic. My aim is to help people find ways to challenge themselves daily to help boost their health, confidence, well- being, self-worth and values. My innovative imagination and training techniques help to provide guidance and tricks for my online community to adapt and train anywhere with what’s around them.

As far as I can remember I had never been one to sit still. As a child, I had always excelled in physical activity from rollerblading, BMXing, gymnastics, athletics to making obstacle courses in my backyard I was always on the move. I believe my inner child has ever left me in fact I find myself more hyperactive than ever.

Fitness has practically dominated my entire life both as an athlete, and as a businesswoman. I am naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership where my abilities can shine and had always known that I wanted to pursue a career in fitness.

My achievements fuel me to constantly improve my performance and skills with practice, training, coaching, and dedication to learning. I always strive to better myself and continuously have something to aim for that will motivate me to push to become better than I was yesterday. For me it takes dedication, commitment and consistency and cultivating the beliefs that will support me to achieve my goals.

I have been progressively putting my stamp on the health & fitness industry over the past 7 years by showcasing my authentic personality and sharing my passion with my community daily. My fitness career has taken me places I never thought it could, I have trained with, and interviewed a number of celebrity fitness professionals from around the globe. I have been able to travel and train, share my passion and make an impact on many people’s lives. I have represented some of the world’s most reputable brands and companies and it completely blows my mind.

As a leader my intentions, energy and presence have a big impact and influence on the performance, actions, and vibe of the people around me. There is nothing I find more motivating and empowering than surrounding myself with people who bleed the same passion, love, and no-limit craziness. This is what it's all about for me. Instilling contagious culture, equality, and positive mindsets into any group environment I come in contact with. I thrive off being amongst a group environment, leading the way, sharing my purpose, and educating those around me in order to get the best out of each individual thereby generating a positive flow on affect throughout the group.

My focus for the next few months will be launching new fitness programs and collaborating with some of the globes most epic individuals to bring you some exciting, tough, and fierce new content.