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Training Mask 3.0 Essential Kit
Nicholas Dell’Acqua

Great product! Showed up with in 3 days and customer service helped me make sure I got exactly what I needed. Personally did not like the neoprene that originally comes with the mask when compared to the aftermarket ones they offer on the site. Both styles work well but the single fastening point on aftermarket cover fit my head a little better. Mask fits well and love the ability to change my resistance on the fly. Be aware if using in subzero temperatures that the moisture in your breath will freeze up on the inside and may lock in your resistance setting lever. The case is high quality and durable. No corners were cut. Great fit. Great quality. Works incredibly.

3.0 Jokester Sleeve
Juan Rivera jr

3.0 Jokester Sleeve

I love these mask

These mask come with a filter and don’t irritate my face!!!!!

It's lit

I love it it's growing my lungs an phanomal rate

Workout amplifier

Best purchase I’ve made. I like that you can change the flow with just a twist. It makes my workouts and bike rides fun. I recommend people to buy them it’s a purchase they won’t regret.


The training mask 3.0 is the best purchase i’ve ever made health wise. this has really helped with my stamina and overall well being.

Quality product


Training Mask 3.0 - Dark Venomous


Its amazing

Product review

I like the training mask. It seems to work pretty good. So far no problem

Awesome deal

Love the product. Works as advertised.

Wrong order

I received a black one. Wrong kind / color

The stormtrooper sleeve was the perfect addition to my elevation training mask for my workout on Star Wars Day

2.0 Thin Blue Line Sleeve
Lucio Dominguez

2.0 Thin Blue Line Sleeve

It is worth it!!

3.0 Punish Sleeve
Nicholas Nery

As an avid user of training mask 3.0 this sleeve brought a great value to my customer experience.

Definitely feel

I have only used it sitting at a desk at work, but can definitely feel it working. I am older I will be working into this slowly.

Training Mask 3.0 - All Black Sports Bundle

No package rec’d no comment

Package did not arrive yet…

2.0 Original Black Sleeve
Shandon Fleming

Once again, great quality and great service.

The new Vent mask is a new stepping level for working out!

I had the previous Vent mask and I wore it for two years, until it tear from wearing so much. Now, I got the new Vent mask and, boy it's a sure deal when you want to step up your training level. With only three valves, instead of four, like it's predecessor, it makes inhaling and exhaling more challenging

Game changing training gains

Been a fan of the technology since it was introduced, been a follower since then.. i hope you can bring your products here in the Philippines

Best training mask

Love my purchase. Just wish it would have came with filters, other than that love it

New 2.0. 5 stars

The new 2.0 is improved from the original version I previously had. The comfort of the fit is on point. I have already put 10+ miles on it already. The mask looks well made, and I look forward to many great workouts with it. The company is, and has always been great with their products, and their customer service. #elevationarmy