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Latex Resistance Bands Set of 4


BUILD YOUR BEST BOOTY: Get the butt that turns heads and looks great in every outfit. Booty Blaster Bands will give your booty that toned and sculpted shape you have always wanted.
FOUR FIERCE COLOR TENSIONS: Booty Blaster Bands come in four color tensions for every ability level and for use in a wide range of exercises/workouts.
FREE WORKOUTS: Build your beach body backside with Master Trainer Jenna Douros in an exclusive access free workout series coming soon.
WONT BURST YOUR BUBBLE: Booty Blaster Bands are made with gym quality quad latex that is hand washable. Don't compromise with the rubber band booty shortcuts.
BOOTY BLAST YOUR GLUTES ANYWHERE: Resistance Booty Blaster Workouts can be done almost anywhere from hitting a few exercises in your office chair at work, on the couch at home with the kids, the gym, or for a quick getaway to the beach - favorite secluded spot for a full workout.