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Apollo Essentials Bundle

  • Apollo is the Gold Standard in filtration and was designed to help reduce medical filtration waste, by helping to decrease the carbon footprint that other masks are having on this earth.
  • Apollo is one of the highest performing filtration products offered on the market with over 99% PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency) using our patented Feltration® technology.
  • Starting with Form, Fit, and Function Apollo Filtration provides you optimal protection as you wear it. Apollo comes with 10 multi-directional filters that protect you and those around you.
  • Apollo’s air filtration and particle gathering efficiency design is inspired by Fibonacci, one of the world’s best mathematicians. Fibonacci identified an astonishing evolutionary spiral design basis that employs the optimal efficiency of mother nature and is carried over into our superior filtration product Apollo.


    * Apollo Mask 

    * Carry Case 

    * Extra 15 Pack of Replacement Filters

    * 1oz bottle of Spray Clean  






  • Masks are dishwasher safe
  • Wash sleeve by hand low heat
  • Do not machine wash sleeve
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Hang dry sleeve
  • Spray Clean is recommended

Handy tips: Don’t put sleeves in the washer or dryer. We encourage you to dip, soak and hand wash any sleeve on their own.