Strength and Conditioning Coach
Indiana University



Lyonel’s vision is to be hard as nails, and to embody intensity in his workouts for athletes at the University of Indiana. He is known for routinely getting into the mix with the athletes in the workouts to help push them and lead by example. He is an advocate of mixing things up by emphasizing agility, mobility, power, and innovative techniques to give his athletes an edge.

Anderson played tight end at Alfred State College before transferring to Kansas. He later signed as a free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals, and was also a member of the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad. His professional career also included playing Arena Football for the Colorado Crush. Before transitioning over to coaching.

Lyonel began his coaching career in strength and conditioning as an assistant at Kansas in 2008. He also served as a season intern with the Denver Broncos. Lyonel has a keen eye for talent, and routinely helps the coaching staff in identifying new prospects for the IU Basketball program.

His hands-on approach inspires those under his charge, and he is not afraid of getting in there so he can get a read on how his workouts feel. In a world full of experts that say, and do not do, Lyonel Anderson walks against the grain by practicing what he preaches.