Interval Breathing Recovery Protocol #3

by Training Mask Strength & Conditioning Coach Brian MacKenzie

Using an Assault bike, treadmill or a stationary bike

Training Mask is applied for entire warm up set of 10 x :20 hard / :40 easy.
Start easy, increase intensity throughout duration of 10 minute warm up.

8 x 1:00 no mask / 2:00 rest or easy w/ mask

We are dropping the amount of sets to 8 because we are dropping the recovery time to 2:00 minutes. This really increases the intensity which is why we drop the number of sets.

This protocol increases our respiratory warm up with the Training Mask because the main set gets more intense by shortening the rest time. By shortening the rest period we are requiring you to work even more efficiently with your rest time. With the application of the Training Mask it still keeps the rest stressful. We want to see the work portion of this main set show an increase in output each week. *We recommend using this 1-2X per week and 3X per week maximum.