Interval Breathing Recovery Protocol #4

By Training Mask Strength & Conditioning Coach Brian MacKenzie

Using an Assault bike, treadmill or a stationary bike

WARM UP SET (Mask on for the entire warm up):
10-15 sets x :20 hard / :40 easy. Start easy, increase intensity throughout duration of 10-15 min. warm up. 

6 sets x 1:00 hard, no mask / 1:00 easy, w/ mask

Main Set we are dropping the amount of sets to 6 because we are dropping recovery time to 1:00 minute. This increases the intensity even more than the prior weeks. We are going to need to focus more on how we breath this week as recovery time will be minimal. One of the great reason Training Mask works so well is because it actually teaches you to use your diaphragm and breathing mechanics more efficiently. Taking in a deep breath with the nose and exhaling forcefully with the mouth. The importance of doing this as soon as possible will dictate how much quicker you can recover.

Note: This protocol increases the respiratory warm up with the addition of more sets because the main set gets even more intense by shortening the rest time again. This workout is one of the toughest protocols we give athletes as we typically require an all out effort for the 1:00 minute. For this, we want a hard effort that you've been able to hold or a little less, as the recovery time shortens another 1:00 minute, which is a big drop. *We recommend using this 1-2X per week and 3X per week maximum.