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All-Pro NFL Running Back.
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Man Child

The story behind
Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch grew up in the storied city of Oakland, California. Marshawn was a standout talent from the get go, and in his Pop Warner football days, his childhood coach named him “Man Child”.

Athleticism runs deep in Marshawn’s family as his mother Delisa Lynch was a high school sprinter, his brother Alonzo played 11 seasons in the NFL as a DB, both of Marshawn’s cousins Robert Jordan and Josh Johnson would also all go on to play at the professional level.

Lynch went onto play College Football at the University of California not far from his home town. As a freshman with limited carries, Marshawn quickly demonstrated he was a force to be reckoned with gaining 628 yards on 71 carries (an astounding 8.85 yards per carry), as well as tallying up 10 touchdowns.

Man Child

The Rest Is History

Marshawn wrapped up his College Football career by being named PAC 10 Offensive Player of the Year and earned First-Team All-America honors. Lynch racked up 1,326 yards as a junior, with his total yardage at Cal being 3,230 yards. He also caught 68 passes for 600 yards. He was no stranger to the endzone either, hitting pay dirt more than 35 times (35 touchdowns).

As a rookie, Lynch amassed 1,115 yards with seven touchdowns. The Bills split touches with Lynch and Fred Jackson for most of his time in Buffalo. After a few short seasons, he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and the rest is history.

Beast Mode has decided to make a comeback, wanting to do so in his home town of Oakland, California, for his home town team the Oakland Raiders. While Marshawn comes from an elite pedigree of athletes, he has transcended from a good back to a great back by approaching his training with the same punishing style he puts on his opponents on Sundays.

Unleashbeast mode intensity
Unleash<span>beast mode intensity</span>

Relentless Intensity

Marshawn is quick to point out that the Beast Mode Mindset goes beyond the weight room and practice field, it’s an approach to life. The best way to truly understand what going Beast Mode means, was captured in an interview with Lynch on Showtime Sports…

“If you just run through somebody fast, a lot of people aint gonna want to take that over, and over, and over, and over, and over….and over, and over again. They just aint gonna wanna do it.”

Beast Mode is relentless intensity. Just like Marshawn said, if you are relentless over, and over, and over again…eventually you will break through. It might not be pretty, you may not be the most skilled, and there might be people better. But if you tap into Beast Mode, it won’t matter.

Tap In

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