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Professional Reviews


Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk - World MMA Champion

I have used many different types of oxygen masks, Altitude tents and hyperbaric chambers over the years but nothing compares to the Elevation Training Mask in performance, size, and convenience. The mask has pushed my conditioning and mental toughness to a whole new level. This is the BEST product i have every used PERIOD!!


Fitness Expert Dr. Rick Kattouf II Named as One of America’s PremierExperts®

The Elevation Training Mask will challenge you physically and mentally and it will teach you how to suffer like never before. He/she who can suffer the most will “win.” If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level and become the best athlete that you can be, the Elevation Training Mask isa must-have. I will recommend the Elevation Training Mask to all TeamKattouf athletes around the world. Do not hesitate, get yours today and get the most out of your training!


Wanderlei Silva - World Mixed Martial Arts Champion

From the snorkel to the Training Mask how time has changed!  Training Mask to me is a much better feel then having to tape up my nose and hold a snorkel with my teeth. The Training Mask dont get in way for breathing, with somthing in mouth i feel that it may get in way of true resistance breathing, this is why now i have changed my camp over to Training Mask for the best breathing device on market period.


Rashad Evans

Training Mask has taken my training to new levels! I train hard every day and when i wear my Training Mask i feel a bit humbled. Anyone looking to increase their lung or need to feel the burn get a Training Mask.



Training Mask Customers

Isah Vidal badge-vp-en-us.gif

The training mask can not only also be used as a mask for mma, but also used by a elite athlete runner like myself I just performed the impossible I ran from marble falls, TX to Austin,TX a 45 mile run on my birthday it took me awhile but I made it I can honestly say I was not tired or breathing hard just aching really bad. My breathing was under control cause I had been training with the mask for a good 3-4 months so doing that was astonishing thanks to the mask.

Joe Castellano badge-vp-en-us.gif

I've been doing jiu jitsu and other martial arts for over 17 years and I'm always looking for an advantage on my opponents. After reading about the training mask last year I purchased one....which turned out to be one of the best fitness investments I've ever made! Training for competitions meant more fights and more cardio. I implemented the mask into my routines 2-3 times a week and after a few weeks the difference was incomparable. During my sparring sessions guys were dropping after 5-6 rolls but I was fresh. My breathing was more controlled and after 10 rolls I still felt fresh. Everyone asks what I've been doing extra and I tell them about the Training Mask! Six team members have purchased the mask in a week, thanks Training mask!

John Thierfelder badge-vr-en-us.gif

The training mask is the best tool for increasing cardio that I have ever used. The training mask has been able to build my lung capacity up over a period of a month that would never be possible to do without it. For any serious athlete trying to become fit whether it is strength training cardio training or any other type of training the mask will help you. Hands down Training Mask is the most useful tool in my training program. Thank you guys for creating this, as it has helped me a huge amount along with many others.

Tanner James badge-vp-en-us.gif

I love the TRAININGMASK! This product have given me large and noticeable results for my cardio. I am just a normal person who loves to work out and stay in shape. I also train MMA but more so to stay in shape and self-defense rather than to fight competitively. I use the mask about 1-2 times a week, which isn't all that much when you think about it, but yet i still see great results! My running has improved incredibly. I run until my legs tire out, not until i gas out. I started running on the yellow and i have just started to push running with the red level. I train MMA with the yellow and orange levels. I definitely approve and recommend this product (as I do) to anyone who is looking to improve their cardio. Grateful for this product! Thank you TRAININGMASK, keep up the great work!

Donald Cornwell badge-vr-en-us.gifbadge-vp-en-us.gif

I Bought the Training Mask a while ago while training for my first amateur fight. Rolling with the guys in the gym (some of the best amateurs in MN) took my game to a very good level and the only doubt in my mind was maybe that my cardio was lacking (watch Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo and can’t really feel like your cardio is good) so I decided to step it up and grab the mask. Pushed my limits and raised my cardio. Before I could roll for an hour live and be okay, not great but okay. After the mask I rolled for an hour, stood back up and kept asking for more. Training mask erased all doubt in my mind before my fight which I ended up winning in 32 seconds. Thanks a bunch guys!

Matt Zuniga badge-vr-en-us.gif badge-vp-en-us.gif

I've had my mask for a little over a month now, I compete in Muay Thai and serve for the air force.. Since I've been training with the mask, my overall endurance, stamina, breath intake has significantly increase. Proof shows, as I am now able to run longer, get better times on my mile and a half for physical training, and can train and spar a lot longer when training in Muay Thai. This is an Excellent product.

Eric Isaacson badge-vp-en-us.gifbadge-vr-en-us.gif

I'm an 18 year old college freshman who's done martial arts my whole life. My real dream in life is to compete in MMA so I have been training while I am in college. Since the diet of a college student isn't the greatest thing to help lose weight or improve my cardio, the Elevation Training Mask has helped me tremendously. I go for runs almost every day and using the Training Mask has allowed me to improve my cardio almost overnight. When I spar with the other people up here I am constantly out working them, mostly due to my improved cardio. Now that I don't gas out as easily I am able to work that much harder for my dream to compete in MMA.

Michael Mills badge-vp-en-us.gif

I have been using Training mask for over 2 months now and since using the Training mask, I have increased my stamina in the gym during morning boot camps, and in strength training. My cardio has increased in my racing chair. I competed in my first race of the year and not only did I finish 10th place, I finished almost 6 minutes faster than the previous year. I owe it to Training mask and my training. I use my training mask now every time I am in the Gym and when I train for sprints on the Roller in my racing chair.

Brandon Slagle badge-vr-en-us.gif

As a professional Muay Thai fighter, I rely on my endurance to keep me active throughout the fast paced fights. Nothing has prepared me better for this than the Elevation Training Mask. It has helped my cardio and endurance reach the highest levels yet and made my old training obsolete. The Training Mask is the best new product on the market. Best investment for anyone who plays a sport.

Mike Whitehead badge-vr-en-us.gif

I have had my Elevation Training Mask for a few months now and my cardio endurance has absolutely went through the roof!!! I use it when I run, with strength and conditioning for MMA, and to help me be a better conditioned US Army Staff Sergeant. I have recommended the Training Mask to alot of people and they have been there to see my results. I love it!!!

Iain Postlethwaite badge-vp-en-us.gif

I am a Semi-pro fighter from Scotland. I have an NSAC Amateur rules Flyweight title fight in Liverpool, UK. I was wondering if I would be able to walkout to the cage in the training mask. I am not looking for sponsorship, would just like to walkout with it on, as I am proud to have used it to prepare for this fight. Also I am wondering I sent an e-mail asking about a training mask beanie but have not heard anything back.

K. Ween badge-vp-en-us.gifbadge-vr-en-us.gif

I have been suffering from a prolonged knee injury and wasn't able to get my cardio workouts in. I bought the elevation mask to see if maybe the resistance added to my breathing during my Muay Thai drills would replace my 4 mile a day jog. WOW is all I can say :D. Not only did it vamp up my workouts, it has added to my endurance in sparring and mitt drills and of course significantly contributed to my weight loss without. What's crazy and what I love is that the mask has supplemented to my workouts that were made to help with my knee that if feels like a great cardio session without having to strain my knee and reinjuring it.