2.0 Firefighter Cyber Week Pro Kit

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TrainingMask is proud introduce the latest innovation in functional breathing training, the All NEW XRT Pro&reg SCBA Trainer. XRT Pro&reg is a resistance breathing trainer adapter for SCBA masks worn by firefighters and first responders. With a simple turn and click – the XRT Pro&reg is compatible with the Scott's SCBA - AV 2000 and AV 3000. XRT PRO allows first responders to add breathing training to their functional on scene simulation workouts. XRT Pro&reg offers 6 on-the-fly resistance levels to increase workout intensity and to mimic low oxygen conditions when O2 tanks run low. Emergency situations are unpredictable and demand a lot from first responders physically. For Black Friday only, add the 2.0 turnflow, case, and spray clean to your training arsenal as well. Get the edge you need to be sharper and more on point when it matters most with XRT Pro&reg