3.0 TRAIN S-A-S Combo Performance Kit [Speed, Agility, Stamina]

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TrainingMask 3.0

Speed is important. Agility is important. But how long you can sustain your speed, quickness, and agility without gassing out is just as important. Whether you take part in club basketball, softball, or pickup games with your friends - the player that can stay faster and stronger longer gets the glory. There is an athlete in all of us - time to get that person to come out and show the world what you got. The TRAIN S-A-S Conditioning Kit will give you everything you need to get you there and includes the Revolutionary TrainingMask 3.0, Black/White Carry Case, Spray Clean, Camo Crush TM 3.0 Sleeve, Black Stainless Steel Fueled Water Bottle, and 4 TRAIN Elite Grade Speed Cones. This is a limited time offer so act fast!

Do not machine wash

3.0 TRAIN S-A-S Conditioning Bundle:

    • (1) Training Mask 3.0 ($79.99 Value)
    • (1) Black/White Carry Case ($24.99 Value)
    • (1) Spray Clean ($9.99 Value)
    • (1) Camo Crush TM 3.0 Sleeve ($19.99 Value)
    • (1) Black Fueled Water Bottle($19.99 Value)
    • (4) TRAIN Elite Grade Cones($29.99 Value)

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