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Training Mask 2.0 Black Out

Black Out

Elevation Training Mask® 2.0 has been one of the hottest selling resistance breathing devices on the market. Training Mask has been featured in movies, national TV campaigns, and even the Super Bowl. Join the movement.

Do not machine wash


Every workout. Every sport. Every ability level.

HIIT & Cross Training Workouts

Nothing builds muscle and burns fat better over the long term as an intense workout. Put the Training Mask through the paces in your favorite circuit session, HIIT workout, CrossFit WOD, or trouble body part strength session. Adding intensity via breathing training in a high intensity and up-tempo workout will increase your growth hormone levels making you burn more fat and build more muscle. The great news is that the Training Mask has been shown in a clinical study to increase this effect by 25% -- Get results faster with TrainingMask.

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Cardio Stamina & Endurance Training

Great workouts get you fit the fastest and build a better you. The TrainingMask will build your stamina and endurance so you will glide through your hardest sessions instead of struggle through them. Activities such as 5k training, spinning, trail running, speed walking, cross country skiing, treadmill work, will all improve with the help of adding a functional breathing training to your routine -- Make every cardio workout a great workout with TrainingMask.

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Agility and Speed Sessions

Speed and agility are crucial to sport and to our functional health. Rarely are we every called on to be fast, agile, or quick one or two times in an activity. In almost all sports we have to be fast and explosive countless times – even when we are tired. Breathing training with the TrainingMask will keep you faster, stronger, and more explosive longer so you can perform at your best when everyone around you is failing from fatigue. Be faster and stronger longer with TrainingMask.

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