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Elevation Training Mask® 2.0 has been one of the hottest selling resistance breathing devices on the market. Training Mask has been featured in movies, national TV campaigns, and even the Super Bowl. Join the movement.

Do not machine wash

Every Authentic Training Mask Product Contains:

  • (6 Air Resistance Caps)
  • (3 Base pieces with flux valve plungers)
  • (1 Silicone Training mask)
  • (1 Neoprene Sleeve)
  • (1 Brochure / Instructional booklet)
  • (1 Certificate of Authenticity)
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  • 5

    Posted by Jonathan on 4th Sep 2016

    The training mask definetly works, after the first couple days it feels like its starting to make a difference.

  • 5
    Free/ Commercial

    Posted by Fred Hill on 21st Jul 2016

    Two things. One by taking time out for this review, I feel as if I should request another Mask and cleaner free. I have another son that I couldn't not afford one for but since I do charge for my time.. I think it will be well worth the time. I bought it for my younger son who seems to wearing it and most definitely works. I want to write the next commercial and have my boys in it..All 15 of them that I train...

  • 5
    2nd 2.0

    Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2016

    I got one of the earlier 2.0 versions and was very pleased with the product . I thought I lost it so I ordered a new one . I was suprised and pleased that the newer product is much hardier, sturdier than my first . Not that the first one was bad the newer one is just better . Can't imagine ever wearing it out .

  • 3
    It works....

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    The product does in fact make you work to breathe but it is so uncomfortable in the nose bridge I can't stand to use it more than 10 minutes. I almost immediately gave the product to a friend.

  • 5

    Posted by Daryl on 25th Apr 2016

    The mask is insane. Brutal. Demanding and Punishing while highly Rewarding. It took me a few work-outs while wearing the mask to get used to the difference and has helped me, not only with my endurance but also to focus more on my breathing (which really plays a major role in running, or any exercise really). Great product, would definitely recommend!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Damien Johnson on 10th Apr 2016

    I've used only a few times as of right now but I do love.

  • 4
    Awesome - One minor flaw

    Posted by John Brown on 8th Apr 2016

    This works. It works great. At least it has for me.

    I did have one noticeable thing ( and this only affects men obviously ) that will affect the usability and effectiveness of the mask : A BEARD.

    I started using it the first day and it was restricting my breathing slightly. But once I shaved, and the mask gets a "seal" against your skin, it becomes WAY MORE effective.

    So, guys, if you got a beard and want maximum effectiveness, I'd almost guarantee you gotta shave.

    Other than that ... LOVE THE MASK and the results I'm getting. I can always feel noticeable lung difference a day after using the mask during exercise. I also use the mask while just sitting and reading. ( I'm also doing the Wim Hof Breathing method - no mask ).

    I highly recommend it to crank up your workout and aerobic capacity.

  • 5

    Posted by Ralph on 17th Mar 2016

    I'm getting ready for my college soccer season and this mask has helped me to last longer in the field and to push myself harder for the results I want.

  • 5
    Mask and customer service

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2016

    You can have a decent product and great customer service and customers will be satisfied. In this case you have a fantastic product and fantastic customer service! My September I will be ready to chase elk in Colorado with ease!

Boosts Stamina & Endurance

TrainingMask 2.0®’s multi-level resistance matrix loads the respiratory muscles by adding friction to inhaled air through its patented flux valve system. Increasing your inhalation load while training is like lifting weights for your breathing muscles. More respiratory power and stronger breathing muscles will supercharge your stamina and endurance. Stay stronger longer with the TrainingMask® edge.


Workout capacity is what prevents us from being the person in spinning class that has to stop during the hard part while everyone else is still going. It’s also what prevents us from being the person on the basketball court that is jogging to other end instead of running in the final minutes because we have nothing left. TrainingMask® helps you to dig deeper in your workouts so you can get results FASTER.

Diagram of the science behind the training mask 2.0