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Includes 2 FREE Sleeves - Cap Merica AND American! 4th of July Weekend Only!

Elevation TrainingMask 2.0® brings the power of Respiratory Resistance Training (RRT®) to your workouts. Using the TrainingMask 2.0® consistently in your exercise routine will improve respiratory power and breathing mechanics (how you breathe) which equates to enhanced air turnover during each full breathing cycle (inhale & exhale). Better breathing while training leads to increased stamina, endurance, workout capacity, and enhanced recovery. Stay stronger longer and reach your goals faster with TrainingMask®.

Do not machine wash

Every Authentic Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Contains:

  • 1 Standard Black Neoprene Sleeve
  • 6 Air Resistance Caps
  • 3 Base pieces with flux valve plungers
  • 1 Silicone Training Mask
  • 1 Brochure / Instructional booklet
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity
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560 Reviews Write a Review
  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Corey on 29th Jun 2016

    I use this mask during cardio and while performing beach body T25 and Cize. I love this mask and cand wait to up the resistance. This definitely gives me an edge during my workouts.

  • 5
    Marine Corps

    Posted by Jerry Raburn on 24th Jun 2016

    I'm training to get into shape for the Marine Corps. I leave in 3 months and my recruiter said I need to build my stamina and lung capacity. He said this would be one of the best ways to help my lungs get stronger. I absolutely love it it has helped tremendously!

  • 5
    Love it!!

    Posted by Sean Kafader on 22nd Jun 2016

    I use this for work everyday. I am a landscaper. As I use the weed wacker, edger, and blower I use the Training Mask. So far I have seen a big difference in my performance. Definitely recommend this to everyone I talk to. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • 5
    Very useful

    Posted by Mathieu on 8th Jun 2016

    Got mine today and I did 10k of row with the mask on and off within intervals. Though my breathing was on point but this mask gave a life lesson today. A must have!

  • 4
    Great training apparatus

    Posted by Adam on 3rd Jun 2016

    Really feel my lungs and diaphragm working. Used it for a week now and loving it. Hopefully this improves my clarity and stamina along with lung health.

  • 5
    fun to use!

    Posted by Thomas C. Walsh on 31st May 2016

    challenging product! enjoy using while working out to take myself to the next level.

  • 4
    Be a better athlete than everyone

    Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2016

    It's extremely difficult to breath, but you almost love it because you know how much better it's making you and that you will be so much more conditioned than everyone on your team.

  • 5
    A great challenge

    Posted by Ducksauce on 23rd May 2016

    By far a very unique product. Its helping me regulate my breathing better and I have already experienced longer training times. Perfect for mma training .

  • 5
    Training mask 2.0

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2016

    Great product

Collage of athletes wearing training masks

how training mask works

Training Mask 2.0 Features

Training Mask 3.0

The Technology

performance breathing trainer


Air Friction Resistance System

Valve stablizes mask pressure to ensure smooth and even breathing muscle loading.

Polyrubber Elastomer



Logoed Sweat Wicking Lining

Classic Cryotech

Neoprene Sleeve

Raised Authentic

Accent Logo

Training Mask Logo

get the training mask edge

Better Breathing. Better Workouts.

Man running wearing Training Mask
Training Mask 2.0

Training Mask Edge


Mental Focus

Training Mask will make you more accurate, poised, and focused during high intensity efforts that bring on exhaustion and fatigue.



Breathing Power Efficiency

One way valve friction stabilizes air pressure on every breath ensuring smooth, safe, and even respiratory muscle loading.

The Results


Fat Burn - Lean Muscle Gain

Breathing resistance training increases the release of fat burning and muscle building agents in the body during workouts*.

Supercharge Physical Performance


Stamina & Endurance

Cardio-respiratory fitness is the engine of physical effort. Training Mask improvves breathing power and mechanics giving you access to much deeper endurance and stamina during even the toughest workouts.

every workout. every sport.

Feature Vent 3.0 2.0 Plus 2.0 Other Brands
Made In The Usa Checked Checked Checked Checked
Moisture Wicking Neoprene Sleeve Checked Checked
On The Fly Airflow Adjustment Checked Checked Checked
6 Airflow Intesity Zones Checked Checked
Nxt Forc3 Air Flow Platform Checked Checked
Protects From Unsafe Air Checked
21 Levels Of Turn-able Resistance Checked
Cardio & Strength Workouts Checked Checked
Agility And Speed Sessions Checked Checked Checked Checked
Hiit (High Intensity Training) Checked Checked
Core & Targeted Breathing Checked Checked
Endurance Training Checked Checked
Cross Training Checked Checked
Functional Training Checked Checked