Training Mask 3.0 with Case

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The TrainingMask 3.0® Performance Breathing Trainer is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device that will take your workouts and fitness to a whole new level. TrainingMask 3.0® is powered by the revolutionary NXT FORC3 air flow platform which was precision crafted to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles via dial-able air flow adjustment. Performance breathing with the TrainingMask 3.0® makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient; this gives you access to unparalleled workout stamina, endurance, and recovery. Defeat training fatigue and stay stronger longer with the TrainingMask 3.0®.

TrainingMask 3.0® is Made In The USA and comes with:
• 1 Reinforced Overmolded Composite Rubber Mask
• 1 Quad Layer CryoActiv® Performance Sleeve
• 1 Logoed Shroud Plate
• 1 Fold Out Instruction Manual
• 1 Premium Registration Card with FREE Rewards Membership

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  • 5
    Excellent !

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2019

    Excellent !

  • 5
    Training mask 3.0

    Posted by Antonio Diaz on 8th Jul 2017

    Excellent product love the mask in the future I like to see training mask 3.0 should have designs sleeves for the 3.0 training mask just like the training mask 2.0

  • 5
    3.0! Wow!

    Posted by Janine Pannell on 13th Jun 2017

    The guys at Training Mask took it to a new level of awesomeness with this mask. I have the 2.0 and love it but this one is super lightweight, and super easy to change the level. It doesn't get caught in my hair as much. Shipping was sooo fast! Ordered it,shipped in 10 minutes on Friday got it Monday morning. I don't know these guys but they have the BEST customer service. And made in the US. Try it. Your training will go to a new level.

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    A Great Mask!

    Posted by Rick Kattouf on 1st Jun 2017

    3.0 rocks! The mask and sleeve are super light weight and the seal is tremendous. No need for the over-the-head strap during jump rope, mask stays right in place. And the ability to adjust intensity on the fly is great. The entire design and packaging is first class!

Collage of athletes wearing training masks

how training mask works

Training Mask 3.0 Features

Training Mask 3.0

The Technology

performance breathing trainer


Air Friction Resistance System

Polyrubber Elastomer



Logoed Sweat Wicking Lining

Classic Cryotech

Neoprene Sleeve

Raised Authentic

Accent Logo

Training Mask Logo

get the training mask edge

Better Breathing. Better Workouts.

Man running wearing Training Mask
Training Mask 3.0

Training Mask Edge


Mental Focus

Training Mask will make you more accurate, poised, and focused during high intensity efforts that bring on exhaustion and fatigue.



Breathing Power Efficiency

One way valve friction stabilizes air pressure on every breath ensuring smooth, safe, and even respiratory muscle loading.

The Results


Fat Burn - Lean Muscle Gain

Breathing resistance training increases the release of fat burning and muscle building agents in the body during workouts*.

Supercharge Physical Performance


Stamina & Endurance

Cardio-respiratory fitness is the engine of physical effort. Training Mask improvves breathing power and mechanics giving you access to much deeper endurance and stamina during even the toughest workouts.

every workout. every sport.

Feature Vent 3.0 2.0 Plus 2.0 Other Brands
Made In The Usa Checked Checked Checked Checked
Moisture Wicking Neoprene Sleeve Checked Checked
On The Fly Airflow Adjustment Checked Checked Checked
6 Airflow Intesity Zones Checked Checked
Nxt Forc3 Air Flow Platform Checked Checked
Protects From Unsafe Air Checked
21 Levels Of Turn-able Resistance Checked
Cardio & Strength Workouts Checked Checked
Agility And Speed Sessions Checked Checked Checked Checked
Hiit (High Intensity Training) Checked Checked
Core & Targeted Breathing Checked Checked
Endurance Training Checked Checked
Cross Training Checked Checked
Functional Training Checked Checked