TRAIN Performance Massage Gun (Electric Blue)

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The All New TRAIN Performance Massage Gun takes percussive therapy to a whole new level featuring an industry leading 24v motor with WhisperGlide technology making it one of the quietest, high-powered massage tools on the market. Adding percussive massage with the TRAIN Massage Gun to your workouts can reduce join pain, muscle pain, increase circulation in the treated muscle group, break up knots, release trigger points, and improve recovery. Experience increased mobility, reduced muscle soreness, and amplified recovery with the state of the art TRAIN Performance Massage Gun today.

  • TRAIN Performance Massage Gun (Electric Blue)
  • Deluxe Protective Carrying Case
  • Compression Disc Attachment
  • Medium Isosphere Attachment
  • Large Isosphere Attachment
  • Dual Contact IsoSpinal Attachment
  • Isocone Trigger Point Attachment
  • Zip Charging and Accessory Storage Case
  • High Speed Charger
  • Integrated 24v Long Life Battery
  • 3 Position Pivoting Massage Head
  • Owners manual
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  • 5 IsoBit flexibility allows you to get point pain relief based on what feels best to you
  • Improved recovery & mobility decrease the risk for injury preventing pain before it starts
  • Multi frequency percussion to decrease point tenderness and overall soreness

Become Better


  • Breaks up knots to increase freedom of movement
  • Increases muscle pliability to promote flexibility
  • 5 IsoSmart bits to isolate a wide range of muscle groups and joints
  • Improves range of motion in all planes of movement

Move Free


  • Up to an industry leading 3000 percussions per minute to loosen up tight muscles improving blood flow
  • 3 therapeutic developed speeds to penetrate different muscle groups
  • 3 PhysioSmart head angles to target hard to reach areas without the need of another set of hands

Recover Faster

how it works

Training Mask Performance Gun Features

TRAIN Performance Massage Gun Left Side View (Electric Blue)

The Precision

performance gun features

The Precision

3 WhisperDrive Intensity Zones

Some workouts create more soreness than others, which means you may not want to unleash full power on that area. TRAIN Performance Gun offers you flexibility to choose the right intensity for your goals that session.

The Technology

Train WhisperGlide XP Sound Dampening Drive System

Don't let your post workout recovery tools make your ears ring like you are training at a construction site. TRAIN Massage Gun is 50% quieter than the rest, with an industry leading 3000 percussions per minute.

The Power

24v Motor w/Quick Charge Technology

TRAIN massage gun is one of the few percussion massage tools on the market that offers 24v power to ensure you don't sacrifice quietness for effectiveness.

The Effect

5 PhysioSmart Myotech Attachments

Achieve complete pain relief, muscle/joint recovery, and mobility with TRAIN Performance Myotech Adapters. Each bit is specifically designed for a different area of the body and function. It's a complete sports massage experience in the palm of your hand.

The Comfort

PhysioSmart 180 Degree Head Adjustment

TRAIN Performance Gun features 3 quick click head angles to allow you to get to any part of your body with ease and without the need for a second set of hands.

Large isosphere bit

The Large IsoSphere Bit is ideally suited for large muscle groups to increase blood flow and relieve stiffness. Muscles such as the quads, hamstrings, glutes and lats are a perfect place to use this attachment both in pre and post workout routines.

Isocone bit

The IsoCone Bit allows you to release painful trigger points for maximum pain relief by increasing tissue penetration which is amplified through vibration created by percussive massage. Point tenderness will become a thing of the past using the IsoCone Bit in your post workout regimen.

Isospinal dual contact Bit

Using the IsoSpinal bit will help liberate the small stabilizer muscles that surround the spine. These muscles tighten up over time, due to injury, or poor flexibility. Loosening up the paraspinal muscles allows the vertrabra in your back to move more freely decreasing pain and increasing overall mobility.

Medium isosphere bit

The medium IsoSphere is multipurpose bit ideally suited for medium to large sized muscle groups to loosen bound up overworked and high tone areas. It also allows you to around the belly of a muscle with the gun facing in one direction so you can indirectly work tightness out of a tender muscle to tolerance.

Universal isoplate bit

The IsoPlate attachment is a multi-purpose bit that works on all muscle groups allowing for deep tissue relief, increasing blood flow, and loosening up knots in overworked or sore muscles.

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