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Athletes are continuously honing the bodies in pursuit of perfection when it comes to their sport. Like finely tuned machines, their bodies respond to intensive workout schedules that aims to not only increase the efficiency of motor skills and muscular development, but it also works to exercise the entire cardio vascular system for better results. Towards that end, breathing under resistance is deemed one of the best ways to boost your breathing and endurance regardless of the terrain or level in which you train and compete. Simply stated, for years, athletes have been benefiting from resistance training for muscle strengthening and training, so resistance breathing does the same for the lungs.

The Importance of the Respiratory System

During exercise, the body's demand for oxygen is peaked as you work through your athletic paces. Whether your workout routine includes attending a gym casually, swimming, mountain biking, or long range running, and breathing resistance can dramatically boost your performance. Increased oxygen consumption demands numerous muscles surrounding the lungs to continuously contract in a highly coordinated fashion in order to keep up with the demand for oxygen rich air.

As the strength and stamina of your respiratory system increases, your breathing begins operating more efficiently, which requires less energy that can be better used for fueling motor muscle control. A breathing respiratory regimen allows you take much slower and deeper breaths that draw more oxygen out of each breath. Since each breath delivers more rich oxygen, you can take fewer deeper breathes to achieve the same results.

Beyond the physical effects, mastering control over your breathing places is you in the zone with improved focus as you get intimately in tune with all parts of your body. Concentrating on your breathing means you are not thinking about your sore legs or the remaining time you have to get over the finish line.

How Does Breathing Resistance Work?

Any athlete who puts in long hours of training can prove, any workout routine that takes you out of your normal oxygen rich environment is beneficial to building a strong respiratory system. Running up a mountain trail is vastly different from clocking laps on the local track at sea level. Breathing resistance devices effectively bring that mountain trail to you if you cannot get to the mountain.

Breathing deeper does not release more oxygen in the blood owing to the fact that normal breathing results in blood oxygenation of 98% to 99%, so simply taking deeper breathes will not deliver more oxygen. Rather, you deliver less CO2 to the blood, which is critical for oxygen release into the tissue as indicated by the Bohr Law. Since oxygen transport demands CO2, the less breathing you do while working out leads to better oxygenation throughout the body.

Breathing resistance devices can help you gain control over this critical physiological response while boosting your body's ability to perform at peak levels throughout your workout regimen.

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