IFBB Professional 1st Place Finisher
Arnold Classic Europe Fit-Model Division



My name is Henny Seroyen. I was born on a sunny day at June 27th. As a kid I dreamed of becoming an actor, a model and so much more…

Dreams became reality for me as I became an International Male Model. I have done multiple photoshoots, runway appearances, acting projects and guest hosting. My passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle have fueled my work as a Personal Trainer.

In my modeling career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for great names like Emporio Armani Import Netherlands, NICKY VANKETS, Miko Coffee, Victor Tung San Francisco, Apex Wellness California, London Equipe Haircare, Men Unlimited, For Lovers Wedding Magazine and many more.

Perfection is something I always strive for. I passionately enjoy travelling around the world for work, as well as for pleasure. It grants me opportunities to accomplish more in my profession and to grow as a person.

I have National and international assignments in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, which are the greatest of my achievements so far. I’m always into new challenges.