NFL Cornerback



Robert made his NFL dreams come true as an undrafted free agent out of Arizona State University. This dream came to full fruition as he is currently a cornerback for the Houston Texans. He has made a career out of facing long odds, and making up for his lack of NFL scout visibility with hard work.

However, the NFL is a league based on production, not hope. You either make plays, or find another job. Robert Nelson established himself as a playmaker in his 2016 debut, as he intercepted Colts QB Andrew Luck in the second quarter for his first career interception vs. Indianapolis in Week 6, thereby silencing any doubts that he had what it takes to compete at the NFL level.

Nelson, now 27, understands that he must continue to work hard, improve, and leave it all on the field. “I’m an undrafted guy so there’s nothing guaranteed for me. I just got to go out here and give it everything I got every day.” Robert routinely squares off against the best in the league, and what he may lack in size according to the experts, he makes up for in will.