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Build muscle. Burn Fat. Beat your Competition.

The training mask edge

Better Breathing. Better Workouts.

Committing yourself to a strength and conditioning plan is one thing...Getting results from it is another. Sometimes it takes more than hard work and dedication to reach your goals. Intensity and work tolerance can be the difference between getting to where you want to go, and wasting 8 hours a week in the gym. Learn about the power of respiratory training and how it can give you the EDGE you need to train with the intensity and work load required to get you to your fitness goals FASTER.

  • Image of heart beat with heart shape in background
    Increased Workout Capacity
  • rev limiter with gauge pointing right
    Improved Intensity Tolerance
  • graph image with bars going up and arrow showing increase as well
    Accelerated Fatigue Recovery

Featuring ISSA Master Trainer, Clark Bartram

Results are earned out of the gym just as much as they are paid for in the gym. Clark Bartram a renowned fitness expert, will teach you high tempo workouts, simple nutritional strategies, and coach you on the ins-outs of supplementation so that you can get the body you work so hard to build in your training.

  • Mans arm with muscles and arrow pointing up
    High Tempo Strength
  • Physique Enhancement
  • Nutrition & Supplementation

Featuring Jenna Douros

Toughness is not grunting and yelling at the weights, its pushing yourself to hit a few more reps when you don’t think you can. Jenna will take you through fun, challenging workouts that will push your fitness, and build mental toughness. When the workouts get hard what will keep you going? Fierce, Fit, and Fearless will. Take the challenge and change your body.

  • fire symbol with the word fat at bottom
    Fat Burning
  • Turbo Toning Fitness
  • weight scale with green gauge pointing to left
    Weight Loss

Featuring Functional Exercise Specialist, Mike Bradshaw A.C.E

Variety and intensity are the keys to building a great physique. Functional exercise specialist, and ACE certified personal trainer, Mike Bradshaw, will take you through workouts that will challenge your physical limits. Ready to get in the shape you have always wanted to be in? Then its time to 'Clock In'.

  • Silhouette of man swinging kettle bell
    Functional Capacity
  • Graph image with bars and arrow pointing up
    Threshold Stamina Training
  • photo of brain with green stems
    Build Mental Toughness

Featuring Coach Gonzalez

It’s one thing to be fast, but your competition is only getting faster. With increasingly more athletes getting faster and more agile, how can you separate from the pack? The answer is stamina and workout capacity. Coach Steve Gonzalez will teach you how to build a bigger training engine so that you can stay faster, quicker, and stronger for longer. Speed wins the play -- Engine wins the game.

  • skill at threshold
  • silhouette of man running with fast wind behind
    sustained speed
  • Clock showing time, lever pointed to right
    sustained speed