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Joseph Teti

Shawn Loiseau

Projected as a seventh-round selection Loiseau was listed as the No. 9 inside linebacker available in the 2012 NFL Draft. Sports Illustrated described him as a "tough-run defending linebacker who is best in the box. Source

Q: Were you an athlete in school? A: I’ve been a student athlete growing up from the time I was 7 years old all the way until my senior year in college.

Q: When did you start to take physical fitness to the next level? A: I've always loved training. I grew up on a lake so I was always swimming during the summer. And if I wasn't swimming I was playing basketball, football or baseball.

Q: How often do you workout and what does your workout consist of? A: I work out usually twice a day. My morning routine consists of a high intense cardio workout where I utilize my training mask. In the afternoon I do strength training or some type of HIIT work.

Q: What is the hardest thing for you pertaining to keeping in shape? A: The hardest thing for me is overcoming my fear. I wake up every morning with the fear that there is someone out there who is out working me. So I'm always trying to better myself both mentally & physically.

Q: How important is physical fitness in the National Football League? A: Physical fitness is the most important part of what I do in chasing my dream of being a professional athlete in the NFL. It's the most physically demanding sport on the planet and if you don't take training serious than you won't last.

Favorite Mask: The Smasher Sleeve