Benefits of using the Elevation Training Mask

Elevation Training masks, also known as altitude masks, (Not the same as ETM), yet have become increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts in recent years. The devices that simulate high altitude training by going to altitude are different in restricting the amount of intake air readily available to the user, which can provide several benefits for overall health, fitness and performance.

One of the main benefits of using the Elevation Training Mask is that it can improve RESPIRATORY COMPENSATION THRESHOLD (RCT) RCT is the boundary between high-intensity activity and severe-intensity exertion. Under normal conditions, the body's drive to breathe is based on carbon dioxide levels in the blood. When RCT is reached, the body's drive to breathe is driven by lactate levels. This causes very heavy respiration and signifies a transition point in which fatigue starts to overcome the body’s ability to sustain exercise intensity. TrainingMask® increases RCT which allows the body to generate incrementally more effort before the point of exhaustion is reached.  and endurance. 

Trainees using black mask, for workuout benefits, also has multiple health advantages for cardiovascular well-being. When training using this method, oxygen demand on your body increases, leading to higher blood flow which in turn lowers your blood pressure while improving heart health and muscle recovery more quickly. Furthermore, by training this way, your muscles receive increased levels of oxygen that could result in improved performance as well as faster recovery rates. A study by the (ACE) American Council on Exercise shows there was an increase in the (VT) Ventilatory Threshold. (VT) is the point during an activity in which breathing volume becomes insufficient to meet the oxygen demands of the body during exertion. Training Mask benefits has been shown to increase Ventilatory Threshold giving you access to more activity capacity during exertion.

Using a training mask can also help to increase your overall fitness level by Increasing the power output at the ventilatory threshold. In normal conditions, if you need more oxygen, you can breathe harder to get more to the working muscles. VT (Ventilatory Threshold) is the juncture during a workout where breathing can no longer match the oxygen demands of the body during exertion. TrainingMask has been shown to increase the amount of power you can produce while at VT keeping your breathing power stronger for longer.

The resistance provided by the Mask 3.0 will make your workout more challenging, which in turn can help to improve your intercostal muscle strength thus improving endurance. It has also been shown in a clinical study by (UNT)to stimulate the production of human growth hormone which is important for muscle growth and repair. 

The Clinical Study from (UNT) Specifically showed that Serum of growth hormone concentrations after exercise were significantly higher in the hypoxic group than in the normoxic group on both the first and last training sessions. These findings demonstrate that hypoxic resistance training induces greater muscle hypertrophy associated with increased growth hormone secretion.

To maximize the benefits of the black mask, it's key to use it regularly and gradually increase resistance as your body adapts. Furthermore, pairing this training mask with regular cardio or endurance programs will maximize the benefits obtained from using it. 


Training mask 3.0 have proven themselves an indispensable resource for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to increase their endurance, lung capacity and overall fitness. However, proper use must always take place under the guidance of a physician or trainer; with consistent use this device can help reach fitness goals while improving overall health.

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